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Posted By on Feb 9, 2016

Construction Worker Falls to his Death

On Wednesday afternoon, a construction worker fell from the scaffolding outside of a Midtown Hotel.

The unidentified worker fell to his death around 2:10 p.m. CBS 2’s Dave Carlin reported.

Renovations to the Dream Hotel, at 210 W. 55th street near Broadway, have been underway for almost a year.

The victim, who worked for Alpha General Contractor of Florida, was working on the façade of the building. The Department of Buildings reportedly stated, planks had been removed from the scaffolding sometime before the accident and that the worker fell through the unprotected area.

The man was working eight floors up when he fell to his death, witnesses said. The scaffolding directly above the main entrance of the hotel broke his fall.

Witnesses from the surrounding high rise buildings had an unobstructed view of the terrible event. For more info visit: car accident lawyers Florida.


“It was a horrifying sight. The body was just crumpled up on top of the awning up there,” Harvey told WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond. “It was really awful.”

Since construction began, there was widespread speculation by neighborhood residents about the safety of the work site. Before the accident occurred, people were worried that proper precautions were being taken.

“We do see the workers often out there without harnesses on, so it’s always kind of scary when we’re watching out the window,” Harvey added.

Witnesses noted that the victim was alone on the scaffolding and was not wearing a harness when the accident occurred.

The Department of Buildings has issued a full stop work order, and has also issued a violation for the failure to safeguard persons or property affected by construction operations.

Incidents like this are tragic but very preventable. There are procedures that every employer should follow to comply with safety regulations. Often, time constraints and demands to keep costs low frequently creates a company culture of cutting corners. As a result, safety often takes a back seat.


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NYCOURTS.GOV lists the statute of limitations on a Wrongful Death case as 2 years from death.

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pic-slipPeople take walking for granted each and every day. Many people rely on the ability to walk in all parts of their job, and can’t afford an accidental slip and fall. Slip and falls happen, and it’s more common than you may think. The frequency of walking in the work place increases the likelihood and opportunity for someone to slip and fall. You may be so busy doing a million other things, and not notice the spill on the ground, or the debris left over from the last job you may have worked on. Smooth walking surfaces may appear to be clean, and may actually be quite dirty and slippery. Always make sure you look ahead of where you are walking, and don’t get distracted. You can’t afford a tragic fall or accident.

downloadSlip and falls can happen anywhere and lead to a terrible fate. One out of every five falls causes a serious injury, like a broken bone or a head injury. These terrible personal injuries occur in the city of New York and elsewhere in the United States. It’s important to avoid situations that could lead to a dangerous slip and fall. According to the CDC, falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries. That means we are all at risk for a terrible accident in a slip and fall, because they are very common and occur in numerous situations and circumstances.

Many people have accidently slipped, and maybe thought to themselves how much worse it could have been so easily. They have no idea how lucky they really are. Fatalities can even occur due to a fall.

Fall fatalities are equal amongst men and women. Women experience slip and fall accidents more than men do. No one is really sure why this is. Slip and falls are common in work place injuries as well. In fact, they are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims. Being out of work is difficult and can affect your entire family. You can’t afford to be out of work. A personal injury in the city of New York can happen, and more frequently than you may think.
Falls occur more frequently than you may realize. The statistics on the subject are vast in number. One out of every three older adults will fall this year. That is a staggering number. Meaning everyone probably knows someone who has fallen in a serious injury before. Falls are preventable, and should always be avoided whenever possible. Always look ahead of yourself when walking, no matter where you are. Never carry items in both hands. Always stay alert and aware of any potential hazards nearby.

Slip and Fall Cases

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