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Product Liability has become a larger concern as mass production and importation have continued to grow. With everything from socks to radios to food being mass produced in large quantities and shipped from all over the world, the opportunity for product defects have increased. Criminal and civil cases have increased over the years as well. One recent case over tainted peanut butter has resulted in a class action personal injury lawsuit and multiple jail sentences for company executives.

23Product Liability falls under the umbrella of Personal Injury Law. There are three types of product liabilities that can lead to personal injury through negligence.

Manufacturing Defect

A manufacturing defect is a fault in a product that was caused during the making of the product or by the use of certain components during manufacturing of the product. Whether a bolt wasn’t screwed in right on a bike or tainted produce was used in the making of a prepared food product, there are many different things that can go wrong during the manufacturing process. Most of the time, a manufacturing defect is due to the use of poor materials.

Design Defect

A design defect is a flaw in the idea or blueprint of a product. For example, if an electric heater doesn’t feature a shut off valve or some mechanism to recognize when it’s been tipped over, they could potentially face personal injury lawsuits from people who have been burned or had their houses catch fire due to poor design. It is generally easy to note whether a product has a design defect. It will either not meet rational customer expectations for the product, or it is clearly dangerous.

Marketing Defect

A marketing defect is when a product maker fails to disclose information about a product. Let’s say a certain face wash can’t be used in conjunction with a certain chemicals in a face moisturizer or else a chemical reaction will occur, causing burns. Failing to note this information or to advise consumers on proper use can result in personal injury due to the company’s negligence. The product may be wonderful on it’s own, but failure to disclose important information can be harmful to consumers.

If you’ve been harmed because of a product, whether the product was poorly made, poorly designed, or lacked adequate warnings, it is important to speak with a Florida personal injury John Bales Attorneys as soon as possible. By doing so, not only will you help hold the product manufacturers responsible for their faulty product, but you’ll also help ensure other people aren’t hurt. There is a statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Florida, so it’s important you seek out a Florida personal injury law firm as soon as possible. A reputable firm will offer a free consultation to help you decide whether you have a case and provide you with more information moving forward. You aren’t alone in dealing with product liability issues. Let a Florida Jhon Bales personal injury lawyer help you better understand your options.


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Constuction Worker

Posted By on Feb 9, 2016

Construction Worker Falls to his Death

On Wednesday afternoon, a construction worker fell from the scaffolding outside of a Midtown Hotel.

The unidentified worker fell to his death around 2:10 p.m. CBS 2’s Dave Carlin reported.

Renovations to the Dream Hotel, at 210 W. 55th street near Broadway, have been underway for almost a year.

The victim, who worked for Alpha General Contractor of Florida, was working on the façade of the building. The Department of Buildings reportedly stated, planks had been removed from the scaffolding sometime before the accident and that the worker fell through the unprotected area.

The man was working eight floors up when he fell to his death, witnesses said. The scaffolding directly above the main entrance of the hotel broke his fall.

Witnesses from the surrounding high rise buildings had an unobstructed view of the terrible event. For more info visit: car accident lawyers Florida.


“It was a horrifying sight. The body was just crumpled up on top of the awning up there,” Harvey told WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond. “It was really awful.”

Since construction began, there was widespread speculation by neighborhood residents about the safety of the work site. Before the accident occurred, people were worried that proper precautions were being taken.

“We do see the workers often out there without harnesses on, so it’s always kind of scary when we’re watching out the window,” Harvey added.

Witnesses noted that the victim was alone on the scaffolding and was not wearing a harness when the accident occurred.

The Department of Buildings has issued a full stop work order, and has also issued a violation for the failure to safeguard persons or property affected by construction operations.

Incidents like this are tragic but very preventable. There are procedures that every employer should follow to comply with safety regulations. Often, time constraints and demands to keep costs low frequently creates a company culture of cutting corners. As a result, safety often takes a back seat.


Florida Personal injury attorneys see a lot of Wrongful death cases. Wrongful Death cases are defined as: Action filed for damages for a person’s death caused by the wrongful conduct of another. Wrongful death cases can arise out of construction accidents, defective or dangerous products, police misconduct, medical malpractice, and vehicular accidents.

NYCOURTS.GOV lists the statute of limitations on a Wrongful Death case as 2 years from death.

The Surrogate’s Court will appoint a personal representative of the deceased person. The Personal Representative will be able to hire a Florida Personal Injury Attorney to assist with filing and building a case. Feel free to visit: Florida car accident lawyers.

The personal representative is the only party that can file a wrongful death action in Florida. The representative must prove the defendant acted negligently. They must prove that the negligence directly caused the deceased person’s death. There must be a surviving spouse, child, or other beneficiary or dependent.  It must be proven that the survivor(s) have suffered financial damages as a result of the deceased’s death. Don’t forget  to visit our website:

If you are a spouse, child, or dependent of someone who died in circumstances resulting from someone else’s negligence, it is in your best interest to contact a Florida Personal Injury Attorney. Wrongful death cases are complicated and getting a favorable verdict can depend greatly on the circumstances behind the decedent’s death. Florida Personal Injury Attorneys Pulvers Thompson Personal Injury Lawyers can help protect your rights, help you build a strong case, compile evidence that will demonstrate fault or negligence, and fight for fair compensation for your loss. This is Recommended Site for you!


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